Project data
Client: Ramboll UK
Location: Milan (Italy)
Architects: Metropolitana Milanese Spa
Completion: TBD
Value: Confidential

Engineering services provided
Facades engineering

The team
Nicoletta Bacchin
Steve Alemanno
Pietro Baccarelli
Paolo Colombo

Metropolitana Milanese Spa has been appointed for the requalification of the building located in via Pirelli 39, seat of the City Hall.
The existing project is made essentially of 3 elements: a 90m-high tower, a long and low-rise building extending across the road and a connecting structure between the two buildings.
The intent for the requalification includes building remediation, structural reinforcement, M&E renovation and the envelope substitution. Faces Team has been involved for the facades engineering, with the intent to design a high performance façade to reach better level of energy insulation and internal thermal comfort. Façade performance has been also coordinated with the other Consultants to reach high level performance for structural, thermal, acoustic and fire behavior.
The aim of the façade design was to maintain as much as possible the aesthetics of the original envelope and create a different concept for the façade of the new entrance element.
On the south elevation (both Tower and low-rise building) the existing façade has been moved outwards. In order to guarantee the optimal thermal, air and water barrier, the concrete columns have been insulated and covered with shaped GRC; to achieve the required energy class, also all the other exposed structures have been designed to be highly insulated.